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8 Weeks to Peace Meditation Series

Meditation practice for your day to day life

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Jayme  Hernandez
Jayme Hernandez
Teacher, Student, Seeker

About the instructor


My name is Jayme Hernandez 

People often ask me: "When did you get in to teaching yoga and meditation?" So I thought about it and I remember I was in grade school, the teacher said to the class that we are suppose to prepare a presentation and talk about it in front of the class. The topic could be whatever we wanted. So we were all in the library looking for information about a possible topic. I came across a book about woman who feel trapped in a mans body, which also spoke about near death experiences. So as a 8 year old I presented theses very interesting topics (to me) to the class! So I guess you can say I was always interested in human evolution.LOL. Of course as I got older I read anything and everything about yoga, meditation and spirituality I could get my hands on, took every class, read about a bunch of famous teachers. 

Today as a mother of two kids I am constantly listening to some type of podcast or talk related to human potential. While cooking, cleaning and yes I admit even when I take a shower.

After 20 years of yoga and meditation practice, teaching thousands of mothers and babies. Going through my own personal journey. I like to share with you what I find helps myself and the moms I work with integrate the magic of meditation and yoga in their everyday experiences. Through the ups downs and everything in between, recognizing we all have our unique life experiences and yet very similar feelings and emotions that we don't always necessarily have a place to process and become comfortable with.

It is my intention that theses courses serve as a place for just that, a place to heal, learn, grow and transform into the highest vision of ourselves.

I myself am still on that journey and am happy to be on it with you. :)

Look forward to practising yoga and meditation with you today.

Much Love,


What others have been saying about this course:"Over the past year and half… I have quietly battled depression and anxiety… I have lost count of the sleepless nights… the lonely days where I sat on my sofa alone for days… sobbing… shaking and afraid to allow anyone in of fear of judgment.. or worst… fear of loosing my children if anyone was to find out… because they were my wings… and what I looked forward to… The major event that led to my depression was my decision to leave my husband… although it was my decision this new reality was still overwhelming… having to start over.. a new home… a new way of life… a significant amount of alone time… and not having a stable job and financial difficulties, and a heartbreak from a failed relationship… to add to that stress…this quite simply was my rock bottom… having to cope with all of that but needing to be brave, and strong for my girls… but everyone has times where you loose hope, you loose yourself and feel completely helpless and go on to isolate yourself to hide how miserable you are… It was just after my lowest low that I finally decided to reach out to my friend Jayme… With absolutely no judgement and a simple look into my eyes she knew! That is when I knew I felt safe and that I can over come this and come out of this darkness with her help. From that day on, Jayme helped coach me out of my depression through texts, emails… and what I like to call homework… because it has to come from within… Jayme inspired me… helped me get back to old happy, positive and hopeful self… she gently nursed me back to life… and I am grateful to have her in my life to enlighten me every step of the way… her words stay with me and I will forever owe her a part of my light which she gave back to me.