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Sitting Meditation for Mom and Baby

Simple, effective strategies that bring peace and energy in your every day

Hi Beautiful Mama:)

Congratulations! on taking this time to for you! To practice and learn how to energize your life with you baby:)

In this simple yet effective sitting meditation practice for you and your baby to optimize the way we use our energy.

In the 1st video you will learn a little bit about how this practice came about based on my own life as a mom and my experienced as a yoga and meditation teacher. 

I talk about the concept of meditation in general and how it applies to your life as a mother.

I suggest is to practice when you feed your baby as it gives some sort of consistency and time for a meditation practice.

In the 2nd video is an awareness in our sitting posture while holding or feeding our baby. What I am seeing a lot is mothers compromising their bodies in order to feed their babies. I like to offer adjustments in our sitting posture that support the pelvic floor, back, neck and shoulders.

If all you do is make theses simple adjustments will save loooads of energy because the body doesn't have to work so hard to sustain something you do aaalll the time. These postural adjustments will help release and prevent built up tension.

I also speak about the mind and breath and how it affects you and your baby.

The 3rd and final video is a guided sitting meditation for you and you baby. The strategies are pretty simple what is hard is to create consistency and have guided support. So last video brings it all together and allows you to sit and listen to your body, baby, mind and breath.

It is my intention to offer theses simple yet effective strategies for all mothers out there so they can create peace within themselves, their family and community.

Thank You again for your meditation practice. You truly create and change our world.



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Jayme  Hernandez
Jayme Hernandez
Teacher, Student, Seeker

About the instructor


My name is Jayme Hernandez 

People often ask me: "When did you get in to teaching yoga and meditation?" So I thought about it and I remember I was in grade school, the teacher said to the class that we are suppose to prepare a presentation and talk about it in front of the class. The topic could be whatever we wanted. So we were all in the library looking for information about a possible topic. I came across a book about woman who feel trapped in a mans body, which also spoke about near death experiences. So as a 8 year old I presented theses very interesting topics (to me) to the class! So I guess you can say I was always interested in human evolution.LOL. Of course as I got older I read anything and everything about yoga, meditation and spirituality I could get my hands on, took every class, read about a bunch of famous teachers. 

Today as a mother of two kids I am constantly listening to some type of podcast or talk related to human potential. While cooking, cleaning and yes I admit even when I take a shower.

After 20 years of yoga and meditation practice, teaching thousands of mothers and babies. Going through my own personal journey. I like to share with you what I find helps myself and the moms I work with integrate the magic of meditation and yoga in their everyday experiences. Through the ups downs and everything in between, recognizing we all have our unique life experiences and yet very similar feelings and emotions that we don't always necessarily have a place to process and become comfortable with.

It is my intention that theses courses serve as a place for just that, a place to heal, learn, grow and transform into the highest vision of ourselves.

I myself am still on that journey and am happy to be on it with you. :)

Look forward to practising yoga and meditation with you today.

Much Love,


What others have been saying about this course: Jayme’s meditation class was literally a lifesaver for me; it allowed me to calm down when I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious. As a first time mum, I was physically and emotionally exhausted, I desperately wanted to “get it right”. Jayme taught me how to go into a calm place and reconnect with myself. I soon started to feel at peace, and very connected to my baby. She also provided me with techniques to keep me focused during stressful times at home, thereby saving my sanity. I always look forward to Jayme's class, she continues to impress me for many reasons. She is so warm, so caring, so helpful, and so knowledgeable. ~ Kim Phillips & Baby Peter

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